The first thing most of us do upon waking up is consume unfiltered heaps of information about all things, big and small. Our daily life revolves around our digitized lifestyle. In this digital world, consumption never stops, nor does the impact it has on us. What is restricted instead, is the movement, the unwinding breaks and time for self-care. Our busy lifestyle only adds to the need for action on our health and well-being.

The first step towards achieving a healthy body is understanding the critical relationship between exercising and a complementary diet. In order to make the best of both worlds, supplementation comes in handy. While sleeping is considered equally pivotal, it is heavily intertwined with our lifestyle. It has been recorded that the baggage consisting of sleep deprivation, low concentration, increased stress, anxiety as well as bouts of fluctuating mood, affects people personally and professionally.

The cause and effect are intermingled. Heightened stress leads to an increase in cortisol levels, thus inviting weight fluctuations, uneven and sensitive skin, digestive issues, lethargy, and high blood pressure alongside headaches. The body becomes a hotspot of decreased immunity.

Cortisol is the key hormone that directly alters our bodily and, by extension, lifestyle functions. Increased cortisol levels alarm other hormones to act erratically. Periodic occurrence of this phenomenon might cause regular false alarms, thereby causing hormonal misconduct. Hormones like estrogen, testosterone, insulin, progesterone, etc. keeps our body regulated and functioning throughout the day. Changes or disbalance in their chemistry, quantity or quality, may lead to small as well as drastic impact on a gradual level.

The mismanagement of hormones, partnered with other health issues, can be supervised by the intake of natural products like Shilajit.

Ingredients of the power ingredient

An ingredient of wellness, Shilajit is a thick tar-like adaptogen with a dark brown color that oozes from the rocks of mountains. A Sanskrit term, it means the “Conqueror of mountains and destroyer of weakness”. It is often found near the Himalayan and Gilgit mountain regions, expanding towards the Caucasus, the Altai mountains. The organic and plant compounds, consolidated by rock layers, turn into Shilajit when exposed to high temperatures and pressure in the heat of summer. Consequently, it seeps out of rock in raw form through the cracks.
Shilajit comprises a large amount of fulvic acid, a natural compound generated in soils sedimented with time in the water or via composting. Known for its strong antioxidant properties, it complements the body as an activator. It acts as a transporter and assists the efficient movement of nutrients as well as other substances in the body. It facilitates the transfer of elements like phosphorus, calcium and magnesium to the bones and muscles.

All that glitter is brown

Historically, Shilajit has been used for its energy-boosting, anti-inflammatory and anti-anxiety properties, also maintaining cholesterol, brain and heart health. Topical products have been used for sprains, itches and arthritic inflammation. Some use it to reduce altitude sickness, increase testosterone levels, regulate menstruation, manage gut health and reduce fatigue due to the presence of iron.

It is widely available in powder and liquid form. As per the US National Library of Medicine

National Institutes of Health, optimal results are achieved with 300-500 mg/day usage.

The importance of immunity is universally acknowledged. Shilajit is known to provide a boost to immunity due to the presence of fulvic acid and its antioxidant properties. The gradual immunity boost aids in overall energy, stabilized mood and decreased stress levels. Thus, reducing risks of anxiety and other stress-related issues.

With its anti-inflammatory properties, it supports anti-aging, triggers muscle recovery and essential post-heavy physical activities. It equally catalyzes the absorption of calcium for greater bone density, therefore reducing the risk of osteoporosis, one of Australia’s most pressing health concerns.



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Hormonal Harmony

Do you know Cortisol is also responsible for producing testosterone? While testosterone is an important hormone for males, some percentage must be maintained in females.

In men, testosterone is important to regulate sperm count and sex drive, body hair, muscle formation and repair, alongside overall body weight and mood. Alternatively, in women, testosterone production is about 1/10th to 1/20th of their male counterparts. It quickly changes to estrogen which, along with other hormones, regulates women’s libido, fertility and bone health.

Shilajit naturally boosts testosterone levels and promotes sexual health. Apart from increased sexual performance, some studies have depicted that regular intake of Shilajit can increase sperm count. For women, it is beneficial especially during menstruation to regularize the cycles, boost energy and ease cramps and pain.

Some things to take care

Although a naturally occurring substance, it is unfit to consume in entirely raw form. Pollutants such as rock fragments, heavy metal ions, vegetable compounds and reactive free radicals need to be extracted before use.

The consumption of Shilajit is also not advisable to pregnant and breastfeeding women. Similarly, general side effects like rash, dizziness or extreme diarrhea can be controlled upon cessation of use.

Altogether, Shilajit is a relatively safer substance that can be used by anyone and everyone.

In a capsule

Be it an athlete or a bodybuilder who wants to improve their muscle/performance, someone who wants to be at ease, enhance their sexual drive or simply maintain their overall health, as well as improve their lifestyle, one can experience Shilajit’s benefits found in our clinically dosed, Eclipse for Him at

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