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Do you want to take your fitness routine to a higher level? Are you searching for that one extraordinary supplement that can increase your athletic performance? Look no further — the answer is closer than you think. It's called Tongkat Ali.

Tongkat Ali: Nature's Gift for Fitness Enthusiasts

A staple in traditional Southeast Asian medicine, Tongkat Ali (Eurycoma longifolia) is a powerful herb lauded for its wide-ranging health benefits. However, one of its most remarkable abilities lies in its capacity to increase testosterone, a hormone critical for athletes seeking enhanced performance.

Traditional Uses

Different parts of the Tongkat Ali plant are used in various ways.1 For example, people make a kind of tea from its leaves to wash away itching, while its fruits are used to treat severe diarrhoea. The plant's bark is often used to eliminate parasites, and its main roots help control high blood pressure.

People also use the bark of the root to treat diarrhoea and fever and the root extract of the Tongkat Ali plant to treat a wide range of conditions and symptoms, including sexual problems, aging, malaria, cancer, diabetes, anxiety, aches, constipation, workout recovery, increased energy and strength, leukaemia, brittle bones (osteoporosis), stress, syphilis, and gland swelling.

People also use the roots as an aphrodisiac, antibiotic, appetite booster, and general health supplement.

Taking Tongkat Ali root extract daily can help enhance your body's stress hormone balance and mood.2 It appears that this age-old herbal treatment could be a helpful way to protect your body against the negative impacts of contemporary chronic stress. This includes everyday stressors and the stress caused by dieting, lack of sleep, and intensive workout regimens.

Increased Testosterone

Tongkat Ali supplementation has become a proven staple in the testosterone boosting toolbox, with immense ability to boost natural testosterone levels in both men and women.

A study published in the National Library of Medicine showed a clear rise in testosterone levels and muscular force in male and female seniors aged between 57 and 72 years who took Tongkat Ali.3

A further study in the National Library of Medicine found that Tongkat Ali increased testosterone in a group of men with hypogonadism, a condition that causes low testosterone.4

The Benefits of Increased Testosterone

Testosterone, colloquially known as the "male hormone", is a powerhouse player in our health and fitness regimes. It's not just about being macho — increasing your body's testosterone production can unlock many benefits that extend well beyond the gym.

  •          Mightier Muscles: More testosterone equals more power to your muscles. This essential hormone is like a personal trainer for muscle development, aiding musclemass and strength augmentation. Testosterone is also a key player in controlling fat metabolism, insulin, and glucose within your body, assisting you in maintaining a healthy weight and lowering   body fat.

  •          Endless Energy: Welcome to the era of turbocharged stamina. Testosterone can enhance your energy levels, combat fatigue, and bolster your overall endurance. This makes your workouts more effective and improves your performance across a wide range of physical activities.

  •          Rapid Recovery: Ever dreamt of bouncing back faster after a gruelling workout? Higher testosterone levels can make this dream a reality. It enhances muscle repair and growth, permitting more frequent and intense workouts without compromising on recovery time.

  •          Bones of Steel: If you're lifting weights or pounding the pavement, you'll appreciate the role of testosterone in enhancing bone mineral density. Boosted testosterone means stronger, healthier bones that are better equipped to handle the stresses of physical activities.

  •          A Boost to Sexual Health: Testosterone is indispensable for sexual health in both sexes. It can heighten libido and enhance sexual performance in men while contributing to sexual satisfaction in women.

  •         The Competitive Edge: If you're in a sports or fitness setting, higher testosterone can dial up your assertiveness and competitive drive. It's like adding an extra cheerleader in your corner.


Introducing ECL1PSE For Men: a revolutionary male hormone support supplement fortified with 11 meticulously selected adaptogens and herbal extracts, including the powerhouse ingredient Tongkat Ali. This supplement is expertly crafted to meet the nutritional requirements of dynamic men.

Every serving of ECL1PSE For Men delivers optimal doses of proven ingredients that work in synergy to stimulate natural testosterone production. Not only does it dial down estrogen and cortisol levels, but it also enhances vital functions such as protein synthesis. The result? Superior recovery and unprecedented results.

With Tongkat Ali as a key ingredient, ECL1PE For Men stands as a testament to nature's profound potential in supporting men's health.

ECL1PSE For Women

This groundbreaking supplement is specifically tailored to help women strike the perfect balance of hormones. With Tongkat Ali as a central ingredient, ECL1PE For Women embodies the untapped potential of nature in fostering women's health.

Each serving of ECL1PSE For Women brings your body a surge of essential nutrients and resources. It's specially designed to aid your body in establishing a harmonious balance of testosterone and estrogen. But it doesn't stop there. It also enhances the performance of your thyroid for optimum functionality.

Incorporating ECL1PSE into Your Routine

Incorporating ECL1PSE into your workout routine is easy, simply take three capsules twice daily.

Remember, like any supplement, consistency is key. Give it some time to see the effects. It is common for users to observe improvements in a few weeks.

However, before beginning any new supplement, always consult with your healthcare provider.

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