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As fitness enthusiasts with a keen sense of curiosity and commitment to expanding your wellness knowledge, you understand that what you put into your body can make a significant difference in your performance and overall health. Today, let's delve into an intriguing adaptogen that's been causing ripples in the health and wellness sphere: Schisandra.

What Does Schisandra Do for the Body?

Hailing from the forests of Eastern Asia, Schisandra chinensis, also known as SCE, is a potent adaptogen, revered for centuries for its far-reaching health and wellness benefits.

Yet, despite its long-standing use, Schisandra continues to be undervalued in modern therapeutic practices.1

Some of its components have been found to fight cancer by stopping cell growth, initiating cell death, and preventing cancer cells from spreading in lab tests and animal experiments.2 SCE can also fight off various harmful microbes and has the potential to treat diabetes by reducing blood sugar levels. It has been observed that including SCE in the diet can enhance the functions of the pancreas, increase insulin production, and alleviate diabetes-related issues in animals.

Schisandra also has the ability to prevent fat build-up and limit the formation of fat cells, which could be beneficial in combating obesity. It has also shown protective effects against skin aging from sun exposure, joint disease, muscle loss, aging, and issues with energy production in cells. Additionally, it enhances physical stamina and mental functions, which can contribute to its overall anti-aging capabilities.

With its exceptional properties, Schisandra is no stranger to the fitness realm, having established a reputation as a dynamic enhancer of energy, muscle growth, and athletic performance.

Supercharged Energy Levels

A well-kept secret among fitness enthusiasts, Schisandra is a natural energiser. Research suggests that it may help increase physical endurance and reduce fatigue, which means you can power through your workouts like never before.

Muscular Gains and Peak Performance

Schisandra is not just about energy; it's about muscle too. Preliminary research points to its potential in aiding muscle growth, making it a mighty ally for those seeking lean, strong physiques. With Schisandra on your side, you're setting the stage for peak athletic performance.

Restored Hormone Balance

Schisandra helps to restore natural hormonal equilibrium, enhancing our capacity to manage these multifaceted stressors. By doing so, it supports our overall health and well-being, offering a natural solution to the hormonal disarray that modern living can sometimes provoke.

Liver Function

One of the standout effects of Schisandra is its potential to enhance liver functionality. Long known in traditional Chinese medicine for its liver-protecting properties, Schisandra helps the organ manage and process toxins from within and without.

How Does Schisandra Make You Feel?

Schisandra is often hailed for its potential to enhance mental performance and reduce stress and fatigue. Many users report feeling energised, focused, and less stressed after consistent use. As fitness devotees, this adaptogen may support your demanding workouts by boosting your mental stamina and helping you stay centred under pressure.

Can Schisandra Cause Weight Gain?

There's currently no scientific evidence linking Schisandra to weight gain. Schisandra's primary role is to help the body maintain balance and manage stress, not influence weight. However, each person is unique, and how one's body responds to any supplement can vary.

Does Schisandra Help with Weight Loss?

While Schisandra isn't a weight loss supplement per se, its adaptogenic properties can support a healthy lifestyle that promotes weight management. By helping the body adapt to stress, Schisandra can indirectly support weight loss efforts by keeping you energised and focused, enabling you to maintain your workout routine and make better dietary choices.

What Are the Side Effects of Schisandra Powder?

Schisandra is generally considered safe with minimal side effects.

Does Schisandra Lower Estrogen?

In the realm of hormonal health, there are several layers to consider. Current research suggests that Schisandra does not have a significant influence on estrogen levels. However, Schisandra has been shown to help balance hormones overall, which could indirectly influence estrogen levels.

Integrating Schisandra Into Your Routine

Incorporating Schisandra into your workout routine is easy. A convenient dose before your exercise can give you the burst of energy and endurance you need to take your performance to the next level. As always, remember to consult with a healthcare provider or fitness professional to ensure you're using Schisandra safely and effectively.

From hormone balance to stress management, Schisandra offers several potential benefits that make it a promising addition to a fitness enthusiast's wellness toolkit. Always remember to use any supplement responsibly and consult a healthcare professional for personalised advice. Stay informed, stay healthy, and keep pushing your fitness boundaries!


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August 05, 2023 — Day One Performance

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