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Want more hydration, better performance, quicker recovery, and massive muscle pumps? Look for GlycerPump on the label next time you shop for workout supplements. Read on to learn what it is and how GlycerPump works in the body.

Introduction to GlycerPump



GlycerPump is a powdered form of glycerol. It's an ingredient in many brands of fitness supplements. Also known as GlycerSize™, GlycerPump is made with silicon dioxide using a dry spraying process. That dramatically boosts the glycerol's stability and shelf life. GlycerPump contains 65% glycerol as its active ingredient.


Glycerol, also known as glycerin or glycerine, is a 3-carbon sugar alcohol (non-inebriating) that occurs naturally in plant, animal, and human biological processes. It's non-toxic and economical, and it has thousands of uses. Glycerol is approved for use in foods, cosmetics, medicines, industrial lubricants, and many other products.


Why It Matters


GlycerPump doesn't clump. Other glycerol powders, like glycerol monostearate and HydroMax, are unstable, so they clump and cake very quickly. Once that happens, the powder is ruined and has to be thrown away. Even if it doesn't spoil in the package, it's not water-soluble, so it's a real challenge to mix it into drinks.  


Liquid glycerol doesn't fare any better. Because it has such a lower concentration of glycerol, users have to drink large quantities to get the right dose. That's why it's known for causing bloating and gastric upset. Liquid also weighs more than powder, so it's harder to move around.


GlycerPump solves all those problems. Its high glycerol yield and advanced processing make it lightweight and easy to handle. No clumping means it keeps longer and stores easily in a wider range of conditions. It mixes readily with toher dry ingredients and dissolves better in liquids. Thanks to the high glycerol content, you can use less and avoid feeling uncomfortable during your workout.


Mechanism of Action


How GlycerPump Works in the Body


GlycerPump's active ingredient, glycerol, has osmotic effects on the body at the cellular level. This causes cells to soak up water and other nutrients much more readily. Crucially, GlycerPump enables the cells in muscle tissue to absorb and retain fluids rather than leave those fluids to pool elsewhere in the body.


The glycerol in GlycerPump acts as a humectant, binding itself to water molecules and delaying their elimination from the body through urination.


In addition, the glycerol delivered by GlycerPump can be converted to glucose in the liver through a process known as gluconeogenesis. The glucose produced in the liver can then be used to provide an energy boost to muscle cells' mitochondria during high-intensity exercise when the body needs it most.


This gives rise to a number of beneficial effects.


Benefits of GlycerPump


Improved Hydration


If you time your intake of GlycerPump correctly and consume the recommended amount of fluids with it, you can attain a state of hyperhydration during your workout. The directions for most hydration supplements that contain GlycerPump advise you to take it with fluids about 30 minutes before you begin exercising.


In such a hyperhydrated state, the surplus fluid in your body makes up for all or part of the water you sweat out during your workout and can prevent or delay dehydration. By avoiding or reducing the negative effects of dehydration, you can recover from your workout more quickly.


Enhanced Muscle Pump and Performance


The additional water in your muscle cells increases your muscle volume and makes the muscle appear fuller and more pumped during your workout. Blood vessels can also appear larger because they carry a greater volume of plasma.


Muscle pump supplements containing GlycerPump can also boost performance. Adequate muscle hydration reduces the likelihood of muscle cramps and fatigue. Hydration may also cause a subjective sense that your workout requires reduced effort. Adequate hydration also helps maintain cognitive function and may aid mental clarity and focus.


Increased Endurance


Delaying or preventing the onset of dehydration contributes to endurance during exercise. Proper hydration helps muscles use energy more efficiently, so energy lasts longer.


Glycerol-based endurance supplements also aid in the body's cooling processes, such as sweating. The increased hydration from GlycerPump prevents or delays overheating and bolsters endurance and stamina. Enhanced circulation also helps remove metabolic waste from cells so they can function more efficiently.


These endurance-elevating properties make GlycerPump particularly well-suited for long-distance runners, cyclists, swimmers, and anyone else who engages in sustained physical activity for extended periods. GlycerPump's thermoregulating properties also make it highly effective for those who are active in hotter environments.


Better Nutrient Delivery


Nutrient delivery supplements containing GlycerPump help maintain plasma volume in blood vessels. This improves circulation and makes it easier for the vascular system to deliver oxygen and other nutrients to cells throughout the body.




GlycerPump is an advanced form of powdered glycerol. It is very safe for human consumption. Its lightweight makes it easy to transport. Its stability makes it easy to store, even in hot conditions.


Earlier forms of powdered glycerol, such as glycerol monostearate and Hydromax, were plagued with problems like gastrointestinal side effects, clumping, temperature sensitivity, and short shelf life. GlycerPump's dry spraying manufacturing process reduces or eliminates most of those problems.


GlycerPump delivers many benefits to athletes and other users. These include increased hydration, noticeable muscle pumps during workouts, heightened physical and mental performance, and greater endurance.


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